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Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Handbag Annie GM M40304 Black

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a previous Circa Jewelry creative director is amongst the few professional and social field both woman ), such as the French edition of VOGUE editor Carine Roitfeld Julia Restoin Missoni Roitfeld, the daughter from a well-known beauty so to both daughter Margherita Missoni, north america sort of the VOGUE editor Anna Wintour female angel face Bee Shaffer as she appeared in leading fashion show, media / real-estate tycoon Donna Trump 's daughter Ivanka Trump has super dad is more beautiful country girls envy. The she-devil Anna Wintour ( left ) the daughter of Bee Shaffer (right ) is completely new York 's fashion circles round the great thing about these bedroom accessibility to the major fashion party.

had been a major fashion brand for your "underground " (i.e., although unofficial spokesman spokesman, brand is loved the queen to visit to the fashion show and Replica Louis Vuitton Bag party on your media, but not just benefit ) photographer most choose to capture the picture, reporters also loves gossip their origin and gear, the reader is definitely more reckless research their every act and any one move, their dress and elegance as a fashion magazine much more than clothing code. Obviously, tall trees catch much wind, or come up with this news media to have they fresh degree, such as three not five staged the " false daughter queen doubts " increase sales, or maybe discussed whose nose is done, who bought new clothes and footwear ... ...