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Louis Vuitton Ailleurs Handbag Cabas Aventure GM M93773
The original group released a picture image, showing Louis Vuitton Bag Replica Sienna is confident, strong and it has a female traits. She was wearing an even, skinny black leather trousers, having a white silk sleeveless top, with only a few Possession series modeling style ring and bracelet gold chains, gave the complete type of modern, leisure, fashion and charming charm. Two other groups of fashion modeling different, with different Possession series jewelry 's image, will from the coming months, released in succession.

The best part is range of stunning photo image, Earl also clips on the class of behind the curtain footage, including shooting behind-the-scenes audio and video clips, fashion modeling team and Sienna interview. The film will probably be on May 17th, while in the official website, Facebook community website and Youtube video synchronous online. Every this net, the copyright certainly is the Chinese clothing net all, reproduced please specify ".

The revolutionary season Esprit LV Outlet      leisure series theme and type happens to be the spirit of implementing organization -- complete with friendship, joy and fervour for all times, and also at a leisurely campus wind. To match along with the new spring and summer series theme, chosen america where more Losangeles famous university UCLA field in the campus shooting, to enable the fresh series to create a classic American image. Design inspiration used by the 50's and 70 Is the U . s . campus wind, a sophisticated style, showing the elegant and comfortable leisure series Esprit. As well as Jessica Hart as modeling since the protagonist, and Vogue Covergirl Cameron Russell and Esprit guest fashion upstart: Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei, Russian male model Arthur Kulkov, in fashion circles hot male model Sasha M' Baye participation.